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Discount Traveling Tips for Seniors

Taking advantage of senior travel discounts is a fun perk of being a senior. Setting aside time for your annual vacation is not only a mentally healthy thing for you to do, but it is a wonderful opportunity for you to get out and see new parts of the world. Doing a train trip or a road trip both have their benefits and both have their own discounts. Here are some great deals to take part of if you are over sixty-two years old. These discounts will help make your trip more affordable and allow you to go further.

Amtrak Discounts.

Taking the train to your favorite destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada can be a fun and scenic ride. For travelers sixty-two years old and up, you are eligible to get a 15% discount on the lowest rail fare for a majority of Amtrak trains. There are some exclusions, but to most destinations you will be able to take advantage of this seniors only discount. Even when crossing the border into Canada, you can obtain a 10% rail fare discount via Rail Canada. This discount is available to anyone over the age of sixty. Check out the Amtrak website for more details on restrictions and offers.

National Park and Federal Reserve Savings.

This has to be one of the best deals out there for seniors who love to explore the outdoors. Whether you like hiking, camping, or just road tripping through National Parks, forests, and reserves, you are in for a real treat if you are over sixty years old. Seniors over sixty-two can purchase a senior pass for $20 that gets them free access to over 2,000 parks and recreation sites throughout the country. These range from national forests to national parks, and just about anything managed by five Federal agencies. Instead of paying an entrance fee per visit to each park or purchasing an annual pass per state, you get to visit all the parks in the country for only $20! These passes are good for your vehicle entrance and up to three extra adults who are accompanying the senior with the pass. Plus, this is a lifetime pass. So no annual fee! It basically pays for itself even if you just use it twice. Since there are many qualifying parks in each state, it shouldn’t be too difficult to take full advantage of utilizing the park pass.

If you are a big road tripper and love scenic drives through national parks, this senior pass is going to provide you with significant savings on your trip. All you have to do is apply for this pass and it will be mailed to you. In order to obtain a pass you must be a U.S. citizen older than sixty-two years old.

Taking that road trip or train trip you always wanted has just become a little bit easier if you are over sixty-two. With a discount on train fares and inexpensive access to some of the nation’s most treasured properties, you are sure to find deals that suit your type of travel.

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