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3 Hip & Knee Joint Tips

There are countless people who suffer from joint ailments such as osteoarthritis in their hips and knees as they age. Going from having joints that feel great and have a healthy range of motion to being in so much pain that you don’t even want to move is a terrible time. Here are some tips that can help reduce the pain and attempt to make your body feel more comfortable again. Whether you have already had hip or knee surgery, or if you are just looking for ways to manage the pain, here are three game-changing tips.

Manage Weight

Your hip and knee joints take much of the pressure from your body’s weight every time you get up to walk or stand. By maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight, you will be able to reduce the amount of stress you are putting on your joints. Gravity is no friend to your joints; every ten pounds of excess weight on your body can lead to fifty pounds of pressure on your hips and knees.

By consulting your doctor, create a healthy eating plan and exercise routine that can help you lose or manage your current weight. This should include targeting your range of motion, flexibility, and strength training the muscles in your legs. For many people, you will want to do exercises that are low pressure on your joints. Otherwise you will have a painful workout. Great, low impact exercise routines can be done and have been successful with the use of a pool.

Physical Therapy

Your joints need to be paired with strong muscles around them. Doing physical therapy that targets your muscles around your hips and knees will make your daily life far more pain-free as you continue to get stronger. It will help minimize stiffness, swelling, and pain that your joints tend to feel when you have osteoarthritis. Physical therapy can increase the overall quality of your life by increasing your joint function. This will make it easier to walk, kneel, bend, and sit.

Simple Self-Care

Here are some tips for everyday life that you can do yourself in order to reduce pressure from your joints. These are especially for those who have had hip replacements or surgeries.

– Don’t cross your legs or ankles. This forces all of your weight to rest on one side of your body.
– Be careful to not overdo it when bending or twisting your waist. Hold onto supports as you sit and stand up in order to take pressure off of your body.
– Sit while dressing or in the shower in order to prevent bending too far over.
– When sitting, keep your feet 6 inches apart. It will be the most comfortable postition for you.
– When getting up to stand, slide to the edge of the chair or bed and then pull yourself up. Just a little focus can make all the difference.

By strengthening up and focusing on building strong muscles, you are likely to see improvements in how your joints feel as you move. Getting some physical therapy and losing weight can both be big helps when it comes to managing the pain of osteoarthritis. If you have already had hip or knee surgery, keep in mind these small, practical everyday tips to help keep the pressure on your joints to a minimum.

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