Summer is in full swing! For many people, it is time to go out and enjoy fun activities with family and friends. Physical activities aid in healthy aging and seniors can benefit greatly by adding more activities into their daily routine.

Why Summer Activities for Seniors?

  1. More Sunlight: This allows the body to make more Vitamin D which helps bone, brain and muscle function.
  1. Socialization: Interacting with others helps to lessen the feeling of isolation and loneliness that is associated with a long-term indoor stay.
  1. Fresh Air: Fresh air is good for the brain and can also aid in digestion.


Some Fun Activities for Seniors

If you are planning to spend some time this summer with your elderly loved ones, here are few activity ideas that are both safe and fun for seniors.


Ride a Bike

For bike lovers, summer is a time to hit the roads and cycle away! Aside from being a great means of exercise, it helps you soak up fresh air. If it is challenging for your loved one to balance on a bike, they can try the four-wheeled quadricycle which is easier to ride, and it comes with comfy seats!


Treasure Hunt

How about finding hidden treasures? With a metal detector in hand, you can pick up valuable objects in public places such as parks, beaches or rivers. Who knows what you might find, rare metals and coins or maybe even gold?


Participate in Competitive Sports or Activities

If your loved one used to play a competitive sport, a summer sporting activity may be a good fit. You can also organize a small sporting event such as a mini-golf course with your friends. Whether you are good at archery, badminton or bowling, you can always find a game that interests you.


Enjoy Pool Time

An indoor or outdoor pool is good for taking a dip during summer. You and your loved one can stay afloat, place your feet into the pool, swim or perform simple aerobics.


Volunteer for a Cause

Bring back those old days of activism by volunteering for a community cause. Your loved one will not only benefit from the social engagement but also feel good about helping people or the environment.



Stay active and maintain flexibility by engaging in various gardening activities. Gardening is a rewarding activity and it can be learned from local garden clubs for seniors who are new to it. There are also many active community gardens!


Take a Walk

If participating in other summer activities is not feasible, try out a simple walk! Walking through gardens or taking a hike in a nearby reserve are great options. It is a chance to enjoy fresh air and keep up with environmental changes.

Activities for Seniors with Mobility Issues

Seniors with mobility issues such as arthritis or stiff joints can try any of the following low impact activities.



Fishing is a slow-paced activity that requires little movement. Just sit down, cast your baited hook and wait for the fish.


Bird Watching or Feeding

Calm your mind and connect with nature by watching birds. Not interested in going far away from home? No problem. Grab a pair of binoculars and place birdhouse or feeder in the backyard. That way you can enjoy wildlife activity right in the backyard.



Visiting Craft Shows or Festivals

Go to craft shows or festivals with your loved one to buy special crafts and even learn the acts of craft making. It is an opportunity to pick up new hobbies and make new friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery and cool activities.


Your summer activities should allow you to stay active while also enjoying the activities you love. Because seniors are more prone to heat and sun-induced ailments, care must be taken while planning summer activities together. Items such as sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and of course water should be carried with you when necessary.  If you feel stressed or experience intense heat during your activities, you should immediately go indoors or find the nearest shade. This should be followed by drinking plenty of water and then resting. Stay lively, healthy and happy as you enjoy summer!