Aging is a tricky business. It can be an emotionally challenging time for seniors as they come to learn that they may not be as able to perform tasks that they once could do so easily. Through the years, each sign of aging is an emotional and mental battle to cope with. Support and encouragement from family and friends is greatly needed while going through these tough transitions. If you start taking over every part of a senior’s life, they can begin to feel like they are a burden or lack value. Here are some tips for you to make the senior in your life feel important and valued as well as raise their self-esteem.

Ask for Their Help

When you have a problem or are looking for advice, ask your senior friends for insight. They have seen more and will have a different perspective on the situation. You can even ask for words of wisdom on how to live life, how to raise kids, you name it. Seniors generally enjoy sharing their knowledge of the world with people younger than themselves. Allow them to be a source of advice and guidance.

Ask for Their Opinion

Everyone has an opinion about something. Ask about their favorite sports team or about a current issue. This is a great way to engage in a conversation and to keep their mind active. This is wonderful exercise to get you thinking as well as them.

Take Them Out

Getting out of the house for a bit can be so refreshing, particularly if you stay indoors all day. Take your senior out for a few hours or even a whole day. Bring them to do errands or plan a whole special day that they would enjoy. You could go to a park for a walk or to a restaurant, the shopping mall, the zoo, a sporting event—really the possibilities are endless, as long as they have the energy and ability to do the activity.

Allow Them to Do Tasks Themselves

As seniors have been caring for themselves for years, it can be quite discouraging to have to rely on someone to take care of all of their needs. Allow them to do the tasks that they are still able to do themselves. If they still have the ability to do it, don’t be too eager to step in and help even if your way is faster. Give them the time to care for themselves as much as they can.

Check In With Them

There aren’t many things that make a person feel as cared for as when you call to check-in. This should be a relaxed, casual conversation to let them know that you were thinking of them.

With all of the emotional and mental challenges that seniors have to go through when they face the realities of aging, it is always best for them to have strong support and encouragement. By being intentional in your relationship and caring for your aging loved one, you can make all the difference in the world in promoting positive self-esteem in their golden years.