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What Is Senior Isolation, And What Can You Do To Help?

There is a host of research showing that social support is a predicting factor for emotional and physical well-being. Isolation is a threat to psychological health, physical health, and, ultimately, survival. This is true for every human being, but, unfortunately, seniors are more prone to such dangers in today's world. So, what is senior isolation, and how can we help? Senior isolation is when older people are forced to age alone by circumstances rather than by choice. Regularly contacting our older loved ones and involving them in our lives is our [...]

Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Seniors?

Sleep is a priority no matter what age you are; however, it seems fleeting when you get older, with many seniors suffering from insomnia. It's been said weighted blankets are beneficial for the elderly. So are they helpful, and furthermore, are they safe? Weighted blankets are safe for seniors to use no matter their age or weight. They actually provide a host of benefits for the elderly, which include helping with insomnia, stress, depression, Alzheimer's symptoms, anxiety, combat RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and provide better overall quality of sleep. We will [...]

What is Home Care in San Francisco ?

Watching our loved ones age isn’t easy. In our current culture, it’s harder than ever to feel certain that daily needs are being met. Whether family members live far away or have restricted contact because of health concerns, most feel that current video technology isn’t enough to ensure that daily living activities run smoothly. When considering options to provide the best care possible for aging loved ones in the San Franciso area, you may ask, what is home care, how does home care differ from nursing care, and is home care [...]

Understanding Hospice Respite Care

Facing end-of-life decisions for a loved one or family member is difficult. It’s a vulnerable time that can feel like surrender or giving up. When you are no longer looking to cure or slow an illness that a loved one faces, hospice respite care will provide compassionate assistance to manage symptoms for the patient, and carefully tend to the emotional needs of the caregivers within the family. This level of care will provide peace and hope for the quality of life for your loved one throughout their remaining time.  When you [...]