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8 Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

There are many activities that can be both a source of comfort and good for your health. Things like creative art and hobbies can be forms of art therapy. Seniors who practice art therapy can enhance their wellbeing and live a less stressful life! What is Art Therapy? Art therapy uses the creative arts to help people cope with mental and physical stress through understanding, management, and expression. Research shows that while art therapy is often conducted by professional art therapists, many people see similar results by participating [...]

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7 Ways Seniors Can Avoid Scams

Scammers have long deceived people into parting with their money, investments, and properties. With advancements in instant communication techniques, scammers can target hundreds or even thousands of people at once, making their work even easier, leaving more vulnerable populations at greater risk. In fact, fraud against seniors is estimated at over $3 billion a year. Seniors are often targeted because they are more likely to be isolated, have larger savings, and tend to be more polite and trusting towards strangers, making them extremely vulnerable. Most fraudulent schemes targeting seniors are perpetrated [...]

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7 Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Pets are a wonderful addition to many lives and seniors are no exception! Our older loved ones can benefit, in many ways, from either living with, or getting to visit a pet frequently. As people age, they can begin to feel lonely due to the loss of friends and family or living far away from loved ones. However, about 88% of seniors reported that pets make life more enjoyable. Seniors who have pets or therapy animals can fight loneliness and improve their wellbeing. It can also become difficult for seniors to [...]

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Beating the Heat: Seniors Can Stay Cool in the Summer with Indoor Activities

Summer brings the hottest temperatures of the year and while it is a great time to enjoy swimming and riding bikes, it is important to be careful and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Spending time in extreme heat outdoors can be hazardous to health, especially for seniors. Join us as we review some great indoor activities that can help seniors (and everyone!) beat the heat, enjoy their time, and remain physically active despite high temperatures. Indoor Swimming Swimming is a great physical activity for seniors. It’s low impact, [...]

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How Seniors Can Prevent Heat Stroke

Hot weather can cause adverse health effects for many people, especially seniors. As we age, our ability to regulate heat decreases which makes us more susceptible to heat stroke. Heat stress and heat stroke are serious and are considered medical emergencies due to their potential health-damaging effects. Because seniors are at an increased risk of developing heat stress they may require special care during the summer. Heat stroke occurs when the body cannot cool itself and maintain a normal temperature. Sweating, the body’s primary cooling mechanism, is insufficient in the case [...]

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Coping Strategies for Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Alzheimer’s disease poses a different type of challenge to caregivers. Those living with Alzheimer’s can often be adversarial to care and caregivers. Even though you are trying to help, your loved one may see it as the opposite and consider you part of the problem. This type of behavior can be a source of stress for caregivers who are typically a spouse, partner, adult children, or even professionals. It is important to understand, however, that it is the disease that is responsible for the behavior and not the actual person. As [...]

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The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the diseases of mental decline (dementia). It affects peoples’ judgment skills and ability to remember, solve problems, and communicate effectively. It is more prevalent among seniors because it typically gets worse over time and with age. While people with Alzheimer’s may experience different symptoms, there is a common path of progression from early to late stages. The two most commonly used stage classifications for Alzheimer’s are the 3 general phases and the 7-stage Global Deterioration Scale, developed by Dr. Barry Resiberg. The 3 general phases consist [...]

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Older Americans Month 2019: Connect, Create, Contribute

Every year, seniors across the country make positive contributions throughout our communities and have an important impact on our lives which is why AmeriCare proudly celebrates Older Americans Month, 2019! Older adults contribute immensely to our nation - they help with family care, volunteer in our communities, and help to guide younger generations. It is clear they deserve a month to honor and recognize their place in our lives. Older American Month (OAM) is celebrated throughout May each year and is used to highlight their many contributions to our society. OAM [...]

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Understanding Arthritis Pain, Causes, and Management

While pain is an unpleasant sensation, it plays a vital role in the body’s defense system. Without pain, we wouldn’t know if we have been injured, are sick, or if we have a life-threatening illness. Pain, however, can occur without an obvious cause or can be a symptom of chronic disease such as Arthritis. What Causes Pain? Pain can result from two different mechanisms known as Nociceptive or Neuropathic. Nociceptive pain is caused by a stimulus and is the major cause of acute pain which can last from a [...]

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Why Everyone Should Plan for Long-Term Care

For most people, daily activities seem trivial – we often take our ability to complete basic tasks without issue for granted. However, many things can happen to inhibit our ability to completely care for ourselves like injury, illness, or inability. In fact, the average life expectancy in the US is increasing and many people may live to an age where additional help becomes a necessity to maintain quality of life. While living independently is the ideal, the future is not predictable. Long-term care planning, however, is crucial in preserving your quality [...]

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