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Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors

The holidays are here and it’s a special time to find that perfect gift for loved ones! Let’s face it, the seniors in our lives have had the opportunity to use hundreds of products throughout their lifetime which can make it challenging to find that special something that is both exciting and useful to them. There are many products on the market designed to make life easier for seniors. We have compiled a list of gift ideas to help you get the smile you’re looking for as the senior in your [...]

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Why Do Family Caregivers Need a Break?

Aging can come with some debilitating health conditions such as dementia and arthritis. These diseases make it difficult for seniors to carry out their daily activities as before and may require the assistance of caregivers. Many times, family members become caregivers despite their own obligations to their career or personal life. While caregiving can be personally rewarding, continuous work without a break can have a negative impact on a caregiver’s health. From stress to depression and lack of personal time, caregiving may take a physical, mental, and emotional toll. Some caregivers [...]

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The Important Roles of Professional Caregivers

As November welcomes Thanksgiving, it also marks another important yearly milestone – National Homecare and Hospice Month. Among the many reasons to be thankful this year, one of our greatest is for the caregivers, hospice nurses, and therapists that care for the elderly and those living with illness or injury. In fact, professional caregivers contribute immensely to the quality of life of patients and their families. Every year, over five million Americans receive compassionate, high-quality care from home. Those advancing in age prefer in-home care – a recent poll shows that [...]

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Transform Your Health Through Social Engagement

Social interaction with others is an important human need and unfortunately, as we age, the opportunities for social engagement may diminish due to various reasons including separation, death of a loved one, or mobility challenges. Isolated seniors, especially, may feel alienated as a result of fewer meaningful interactions with others. This kind of prolonged isolation not only wears on a person’s emotions, it can also affect physiological functions such as the immune system. Social engagement for seniors is important for many reasons – join us as we explore the complexities of [...]

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How Can Seniors Stay Sharp Mentally?

Declining cognitive function is often associated with advanced aging - whether caused by disease or the aging process itself. Fortunately, your mental function is not always at the mercy of time, as there are many lifestyle choices you or your loved one can make to improve brain health! A lot of what goes on within our body can be influenced by our interactions with the environment around us. Most seniors would benefit from an active lifestyle, however, with age, most become more sedentary and end up missing out on the benefits [...]

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How Can Seniors Overcome Tooth Loss?

Teeth weaken with age and while they are protected by very strong enamel, progressive wear due to use can leave your teeth vulnerable to damage. An analysis by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates that about 27% of seniors are completely edentulous, meaning they have lost all their teeth. The data is clear - good dental care among seniors is crucial for preventing tooth loss. How Can Tooth Loss Occur? Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons, but general causes include the process of gum [...]

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Can Oral Health Affect Your Heart Health?

Maintaining a healthy heart is a no-brainer! Eating the right foods, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight are things most of us know we should be doing to keep our cardiovascular systems in check. But did you know that oral health can positively or negatively affect your heart? While seniors typically take long-term heart health seriously, relatively little attention is paid to oral health unless there is a specific dental problem. According to recent research, dental care and hygiene not only help you maintain strong and healthy teeth but may also [...]

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What’s for Dinner?

As you age, your need for food and even desire for food may wane. Seniors typically can’t eat as much as they used to and may also lose interest in preparing food. A balanced diet can help you stay energized, maintain a healthy weight and prevent or slow down chronic health conditions. But the challenge lies in preparing and eating nutritious food. In this article, we introduce some healthy recipes for seniors. These recipes are easy to cook and can be applied to breakfast, main dishes, and desserts. [...]

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6 Healthy Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Eating the right food is important as you age. Younger people can typically ignore their body’s nutritional needs without suffering immediate consequence. Older adults don’t have this flexibility because their body requires adequate and timely nutritional supplies. In this article, we discuss some tips to maintain a healthy nutrition and weight in seniors. 1. Regular Fluid Intake Water is an essential food nutrient! If you are like most people, you drink water when thirsty or after eating certain foods. You need to drink more fluid to stay hydrated. Failure to [...]

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10 Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer is in full swing! For many people, it is time to go out and enjoy fun activities with family and friends. Physical activities aid in healthy aging and seniors can benefit greatly by adding more activities into their daily routine. Why Summer Activities for Seniors? More Sunlight: This allows the body to make more Vitamin D which helps bone, brain and muscle function. Socialization: Interacting with others helps to lessen the feeling of isolation and loneliness that is associated with a long-term indoor stay. Fresh Air: Fresh air is [...]

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