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Navigating the Holidays with Cancer

It’s the holidays but not like you remember; filled with joy and your biggest worry was what to buy your impossible to shop for mother. You are now have cancer and everything has changed. The holidays with cancer are a hard time of the year because you are trying to take care of you while celebrating and it seems like an impossible task. Cancer makes remembering past holidays frustrating as you now feel disconnected from it. Trying to deal with the regular holiday stress while having treatment makes even the most [...]

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Celebrating the Holidays with Caregivers

The holiday season can be an emotional time for many people, including those offering and receiving care for limited ability due to age or illness. For those offering care, it may mean time away from their own family and friends, an increased level of worry about their clients, and additional holiday-oriented tasks. For those receiving care, the holidays can feel draining or isolating if they are unable to celebrate in the ways they are accustomed. The truth is, caregivers and those receiving care depend a lot on one [...]

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In-Home Care and Homemaking for Veterans

There is a common misconception that in-home care is reserved for elderly persons seeking assistance to maintain independence by getting outside help with daily tasks. While in-home services are a great fit for older folks looking to stay in their home longer, they are also beneficial for a number of needs including long term injury or illness recovery at any age, surgery recovery, and mental health limitations. The truth is, many of our veterans are facing struggles with daily tasks and care due to their service, but many are unaware of [...]

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Fall Safety Tips for Seniors

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing, and the temperature is dropping. It’s time to start planning for the season to stay healthy and happy. There are several things seniors and their loved ones can do to prepare for the seasonal shift and enjoy it at the same time! Here are five tips to make the most out of your fall! 1 – Make your cold-weather clothing more accessible. Spend some time this weekend helping the senior in your life go through their closet or dresser [...]

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A Refresher on Vitamin D for Seniors

As Harvard Medical School points out “Vitamin D’s best-known role is to keep bones healthy by increasing the intestinal absorption of calcium.” According to their recent article, when humans have a vitamin D deficiency, they can only absorb about 10 – 15% of their dietary intake of calcium, when really, we need at least 30 – 40% to maintain bone health. (Harvard Medical School) In fact, our bone tissues are broken down and rebuilt all the time – some cells build new bone tissue while others dissolve it to release important [...]

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8 Ways Caregivers Can Help Reduce Falls

At AmeriCare, we practice continuous learning in order to provide the best care possible to those seeking in-home services. Keeping up on the latest practices and techniques not only improves our care, it also allows us to help the loved ones of those in need of services better understand how to provide care and what to expect. Recently, Deborah Swanson, Coordinator for the Real Caregivers Program at partnered with In the Know Caregiver Training to provide more information on how to prevent falls. Noting that falls are the leading cause [...]

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8 Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

There are many activities that can be both a source of comfort and good for your health. Things like creative art and hobbies can be forms of art therapy. Seniors who practice art therapy can enhance their wellbeing and live a less stressful life! What is Art Therapy? Art therapy uses the creative arts to help people cope with mental and physical stress through understanding, management, and expression. Research shows that while art therapy is often conducted by professional art therapists, many people see similar results by participating [...]

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7 Ways Seniors Can Avoid Scams

Scammers have long deceived people into parting with their money, investments, and properties. With advancements in instant communication techniques, scammers can target hundreds or even thousands of people at once, making their work even easier, leaving more vulnerable populations at greater risk. In fact, fraud against seniors is estimated at over $3 billion a year. Seniors are often targeted because they are more likely to be isolated, have larger savings, and tend to be more polite and trusting towards strangers, making them extremely vulnerable. Most fraudulent schemes targeting seniors are perpetrated [...]

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7 Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Pets are a wonderful addition to many lives and seniors are no exception! Our older loved ones can benefit, in many ways, from either living with, or getting to visit a pet frequently. As people age, they can begin to feel lonely due to the loss of friends and family or living far away from loved ones. However, about 88% of seniors reported that pets make life more enjoyable. Seniors who have pets or therapy animals can fight loneliness and improve their wellbeing. It can also become difficult for seniors to [...]

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Beating the Heat: Seniors Can Stay Cool in the Summer with Indoor Activities

Summer brings the hottest temperatures of the year and while it is a great time to enjoy swimming and riding bikes, it is important to be careful and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Spending time in extreme heat outdoors can be hazardous to health, especially for seniors. Join us as we review some great indoor activities that can help seniors (and everyone!) beat the heat, enjoy their time, and remain physically active despite high temperatures. Indoor Swimming Swimming is a great physical activity for seniors. It’s low impact, [...]

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