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5 Ways to Persuade Your Elderly Parent to get Hearing Aids

Are you dealing with an elderly parent who is hard of hearing? Do you feel like they are missing out on important conversations and connections with family and friends because of it? Loss of hearing is a common symptom of aging; it can lead to social isolation, a feeling of helplessness, and the person may stop doing activities they once enjoyed because of it. Getting hearing aids is not always an easy topic to discuss with your elderly parent; they might not be ready to accept the fact they are now [...]

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New Year’s Intentions for a Happier You

“New Year New You,” we’ve all heard it before. Some of the most common New Year’s goals are to exercise more, get organized, or save more money. Instead of choosing a New Year’s goal like everyone else, try something different this year, choose to be happy. As a society they teach us to never truly be happy and always wanting more. We have thoughts like, if I was 10 pounds lighter I would be happy, or if I buy a new car then that would  make me happy, but that’s not [...]

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better 2020

As is tradition, 2020 is almost here and it is time to set some new goals to start off fresh to boost your overall health for the new year. New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to follow, but we are here to help set you and your loved ones up for success! It is important to set resolutions by creating day-to-day plans that help accomplish your goals. Choosing resolutions than are achievable by small tasks is an easy way to build momentum and help create a positive trend in behavior that [...]

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How to Introduce Regular Exercise as a Senior

Many aging adults and seniors are under the misconception that they are too old to exercise or it’s too late to start. It becomes difficult for seniors to begin exercise that may experience health problems, reduced coordination, and balance. Some seniors simply don’t know where to begin, but the fact is, you’re never too old to start exercising.  Senior Exercise Benefits Exercise in seniors prevents disease, reduces fall risk, improves mental health and cognition, and promotes a healthier lifestyle. It helps to create social engagement among seniors and [...]

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Caregiver Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays with the Elderly

You are a caregiver and you’ve nurtured a special bond with your elderly care recipient. Where would they be without you and you without them? You assist them at home, provide companionship and help them be more independent, but more than that you’ve built a relationship of mutual respect and trust. You probably know their grandchildren’s names, how their dog Biscuit loves belly rubs and their favorite dessert. It is now the holiday season and you want to make it special for them. Here are five tips to celebrate the holidays [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide

Thoughtful Gifts for Your Loved Ones It’s that time of year again – the holidays are approaching quickly and we’re all thinking though our gift lists. If you are shopping for an older adult or friend or loved one facing long-term injury or illness, consider purchasing something to help improve their overall quality of life! This kind of gift can show your loved one you are in-tune with their needs, you’re paying attention to their daily lives, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to support them. We understand, [...]

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Five Ways to Avoid Caregiver Burnout During the Holidays

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but for many the holidays can be stressful and chaotic. For family or professional caregivers that are already dealing with a lot of overwhelming responsibilities, the holidays are even more trying and there is a higher chance for caregiver burnout to set in. It’s easy to turn to unhealthy coping strategies with all the delicious sugary treats around the holidays, the hustle and bustle and family time cutting into your daily routine, so how do you manage it all as a caregiver? [...]

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Navigating the Holidays with Cancer

It’s the holidays but not like you remember; filled with joy and your biggest worry was what to buy your impossible to shop for mother. You are now have cancer and everything has changed. The holidays with cancer are a hard time of the year because you are trying to take care of you while celebrating and it seems like an impossible task. Cancer makes remembering past holidays frustrating as you now feel disconnected from it. Trying to deal with the regular holiday stress while having treatment makes even the most [...]

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Celebrating the Holidays with Caregivers

The holiday season can be an emotional time for many people, including those offering and receiving care for limited ability due to age or illness. For those offering care, it may mean time away from their own family and friends, an increased level of worry about their clients, and additional holiday-oriented tasks. For those receiving care, the holidays can feel draining or isolating if they are unable to celebrate in the ways they are accustomed. The truth is, caregivers and those receiving care depend a lot on one [...]

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In-Home Care and Homemaking for Veterans

There is a common misconception that in-home care is reserved for elderly persons seeking assistance to maintain independence by getting outside help with daily tasks. While in-home services are a great fit for older folks looking to stay in their home longer, they are also beneficial for a number of needs including long term injury or illness recovery at any age, surgery recovery, and mental health limitations. The truth is, many of our veterans are facing struggles with daily tasks and care due to their service, but many are unaware of [...]

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