Summer brings the hottest temperatures of the year and while it is a great time to enjoy swimming and riding bikes, it is important to be careful and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Spending time in extreme heat outdoors can be hazardous to health, especially for seniors.

Join us as we review some great indoor activities that can help seniors (and everyone!) beat the heat, enjoy their time, and remain physically active despite high temperatures.


Indoor Swimming

Swimming is a great physical activity for seniors. It’s low impact, doesn’t involve weight lifting, and has little risk of accidental falls. Spending time at the indoor pool not only shields you from the hot weather outside, it is also a very convenient way to get regular exercise. You can even set up entertainment like a speaker for music near the pool to enhance the experience.


Take a Class

Avoid the summer sun and heat by taking a class at your local community or senior center. Build skills in things you are interested in like investing, gardening, or acting. This is a great time to practice the “learning never stops” mantra and get yourself a set of new skills.

You or your loved one can check the local community center for options that might interest you.


Playing Board Games

Board games are an interesting and interactive way to spend your indoor summer time! Board games can require logic, puzzle solving skills, and objective reasoning which help encourage brain function and you can play them almost anywhere with a dinner table. Board games are not only a great way to spend an afternoon, they can actually help you maintain your mental health.


Learning Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can promote relaxation and improve cognitive function. Activities like painting, quilting, or modeling clays can improve your eye-hand coordination. You can try some new hands-on skills or relearn forgotten, old ones.


Shopping at the Mall

An air-conditioned mall can be a cool place to spend a hot summer afternoon. You will be protected from the heat and have the freedom to stroll around, observe events, and even find an interesting item to buy for you or a friend or family member. Many malls even include indoor mini golf courses which give you a great opportunity for recreation and fun!



Banish boredom from your indoor daytime by preparing creative and homemade meals and snacks. Is there an old recipe that you wanted to try out but never did? Now is the time to bring out the cookbook and get to work! You will learn new culinary skills and enjoy a good meal with your family.



If you love written stories, what better way to spend your downtime than with the latest books from your favorite authors? You can also use online forums or go to your public library to get recommended reading lists that fit your taste. If reading is challenging for whatever reason, consider renting or buying audiobooks and listen instead.


Bring the Theater Home

The summer is a great season to catch up on the latest popular movies as many are released on DVD and digitally over the summer. Whether you like comedy, family-friendly, or action movies, many of the newest titles will be available for you this summer! Consider finding one or two titles and watch them right at home with some popcorn, candy, and your friends or family!



Dancing is a great physical activity with loads of fun and health benefits for all ages. Spend time with your friends and family trying out your favorite dance styles or give new ones a try! Be bold and try some new trending dance styles, don’t be afraid to have fun and a good laugh while you work on your new moves!



This summer, take some time organize your home. Stay out of the sun by going through your closets and finding items to donate. Go through your personal files to make sure everything is easily found for whenever you need them. Look at reorganizing some rooms in your house to take better advantage of the space – just remember to get help moving heavy objects!

Extreme heat can be dangerous and it is important to stay indoors to avoid heat-induced illnesses when temperatures rise throughout the summer. Just because you have to avoid higher temperatures doesn’t mean you have to be inactive. Try building in a few of these activities to your weekly schedule and see how much you enjoy yourself and stay physically active throughout the summer!