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Companion Care

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Companionship is important no matter your age. AAACare Columbus’ caregivers provide needed companionship to those home alone for extended hours. These services include:

Personal in-home care

Meal Preparation

Companion by day, personal chef by night. Our caregivers can help prepare meals, shop for groceries, monitor dietary restrictions and provide assistance in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, having a home-cooked meal without having to fix it themselves is just what the client needed.


Running errands is difficult without a way to get around. Our caregivers can help your loved one finish that to-do list by giving them a ride to appointments, events, the grocery store or other errands that need completed.

House Cleaning Services

Maintaining a tidy house can be a struggle for older loved ones or anyone with limited mobility for any reason. Our caregivers can assist with any daily household chores to ensure a clean house that brings peace of mind.

Exercise and Recreation

Staying active promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our caregivers will encourage your loved one to turn off the TV and get moving. Whether it’s a walk up and down the driveway or assistance with physical therapy exercises, our caregivers can provide non-medical assistance to help your loved one stay active.

Doctor Appointment Liaison

For some older adults, doctor’s appointments can be confusing. Our caregivers can accompany your loved one to their appointment and help them understand any information or instructions their doctor may have given them.

Reading Aid

As we age, our eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Our caregivers can help your family member with reading tasks such as reading a book, opening or reading mail, organizing paperwork, or mailing bills and letters.

AAACare Columbus and their caregivers provide compassionate home care services to adults of all ages throughout the city of Columbus and surrounding communities in the greater Columbus, OH service area.

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