What Does it Really Mean to Be a Caregiver?

At ameriCARE, the cornerstone to our care model is seeking out dedicated, compassionate, and capable caregivers who are called to help others and then connecting them with people in need of support throughout our communities. It takes the right kind of mental fortitude, experience, patience, and perseverance to be the kind of caregiver that families need when facing the challenges of aging, managing chronic pain or illness, or even recovering from surgery.

Caregivers need to adapt quickly – they become companions, household managers, chauffeurs, and personal assistants whenever needed. They provide physical and emotional support while helping people through intimate moments like bathing and toileting with dignity and respect. In short, their job is not easy, but they deem it worthy of their skills and compassion.


Providing Care in the Face of Adversity

Recently, one of our caregivers at ameriCARE Fort Worth demonstrated immense bravery and compassion in an emergency situation. In the face of great tragedy, Ms. Charlotte Avery maintained her composure and stayed with her client during a traumatic event. Ms. Avery is a credit to her profession and incredible part of the ameriCARE community. Read her story below:


Courageous ameriCARE Fort Worth caregiver Charlotte Avery demonstrated immense bravery and compassion in an emergency situation.

A Fort Worth caregiver is being recognized for her heroism and bravery in the face of adversity. Charlotte Avery has received national recognition through her employer, ameriCARE.

Ms. Charlotte Avery is a caregiver with ameriCARE Fort Worth. She has been with ameriCARE since December 15, 2021. Throughout a typical day, Avery provides many services to her clients, like assistance with bathing, dressing, errands, and companionship.

Earlier this year, Ms. Avery went to her client’s home to relieve a family member who had been providing care for the client. When Ms. Avery arrived, the family member who had been providing care was found on the floor, unresponsive. She quickly dialed 911 and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, the family member was later pronounced dead. Ms. Avery completed her shift and stayed with her client to comfort them, despite being rattled by the day’s events.

Ms. Avery’s displays of bravery, professionalism, and duty to her client under extreme circumstances are just a few of the qualities that make her an exceptional caregiver.

Honoring Quality, Dignified, Compassionate Care

Ms. Avery’s composure and bravery during this incident was the inspiration for Corporate Team, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, to establish a national awards program to recognize caregivers like her. At our inaugural annual conference, the Corporate Team introduced the Caregiver of the Quarter Award Program.

Each quarter, ameriCARE leaders have the opportunity to nominate outstanding caregivers from their agencies to be recognized for their efforts. Caregivers are nominated based on their dedication to their clients, their ability to provide exceptional care, and their commitment to the caregiving profession.

When asked about the award program, President and CEO Richard Houden said, “At ameriCARE, we understand that our caregivers are the heart of our organization. We strive to add caregivers to our franchise family that embody our values and carry out our mission to provide exceptional care to our clients. This awards program is just one way for us to express our gratitude for the caregivers who help set ameriCARE apart from other agencies. Charlotte Avery is a perfect example of the care and commitment we aim for. We are honored to have her as a part of the ameriCARE family!”


Learn More About ameriCARE

ameriCARE is a national franchise that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more than a decade, ameriCARE has provided the highest quality in-home care services throughout the country via local franchised agencies. Their non-medical home care brand focuses on offering clients customized care with a personal touch.

ameriCARE Fort Worth is a family-owned and operated franchise location in the heart of Fort Worth. ameriCARE Fort Worth owner Ashley Smith has provided life-changing care services to the Fort Worth area since 2020. Ashley Smith states, “At ameriCARE Fort Worth, we aim to create a culture of safety that prepares our staff to take on the most challenging of situations with the right tools and training.” She continued, “Our comprehensive onboarding process and ongoing biweekly training sessions gives our caregivers the confidence they need to provide the high-quality care our clients and their families deserve.” Smith concludes, “We are proud of Charlotte’s calm demeanor and quick-witted efforts to assist our client’s family through this traumatic situation.”