There’s no time like the present to explore new healthy habits and hobbies that work for your lifestyle. There are many factors that affect your mental and physical health which means there are many different ways to engage and boost your mind and body. To help inspire your plans for 2023, we’ve gathered our favorite resources and tips from our care team and put them all in one convenient place. Check out our articles below to learn more about everything from exploring the great outdoors to improving motor function through art therapy!

Getting Outdoors – Making Nature Accessible to Seniors

Make 2023 your year to get out and explore the outdoors a little more! Check out our tips and tricks to making the outdoors more accessible to seniors while learning more about the benefits nature has to offer!

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7 Travel Tips for Seniors

Maybe 2023 is your year to travel! There’s nothing saying seniors can’t get out and explore, especially if you plan ahead. Explore our 7 travel tips to make your next adventure safe and accessible!

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At-Home Exercises for Seniors

Looking to make 2023 your year for movement? Start slow and build a strong foundation with these at-home exercises for seniors!

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Stress Management for Seniors

Why not make 2023 your year of Zen? Life is too short to stress the small stuff! Explore these stress management techniques from our care team to help boost your mood and eliminate negative feelings!

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National Puzzle Day – Celebrate and Stay Sharp

Puzzles are for everyone! And they are an excellent way to enhance concentration, build problem solving skills, and practice hand-eye coordination. Keep your brain sharp in 2023 with puzzles of all kinds!

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Celebrating International Jazz Day with Music Therapy

You could make 2023 all about the music! Learn more about how music can actually make the mind “move” and explore options for music therapy to add a little melody to your year!

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Art Therapy for Seniors

Build your creative process, express your emotions, and maybe get a little messy with some art therapy for 2023. Did you know that during the practice of art therapy, many patients can improve their cognitive and sensory-motor functions? Learn more as our care team explores art therapy for seniors!

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Getting the Support You Deserve to Live Life Fully

If you are reading these articles and feel like you can’t start a new habit or hobby for 2023 because of mobility or motor function limitations, consider connecting with our care team to learn more about in-home care services. Together, we’ll explore your needs, identify ways we can help improve the quality of your life, and tailor a care plan just for you! With the help of your new non-medical in-home caregiver, you can explore new habits and hobbies with the support and safety of an experienced, compassionate professional! Contact your local ameriCARE to get started!