Americare! Americare! I speak your name with pride,
You bring us caring people, who are ever by our side,
Each person brings a special skill which helps us on our way,
We’re grateful to each one of you because you make our day!

Sue Wampler is a lady, who knows just how to choose,
She makes goods choices and we know that we can never lose,
She schedules and she always checks to see that all is right,
We trust her judgment and respect her; “she’s a shining light!”

– In Memory of Katherine Stilwell

Because of Sue’s Guidance:

❤  My Husband, Joe Stilwell, looked forward to each caregiver and called her by name.

❤  He enjoyed conversation with each caregiver as they discussed their lives and shared his.

❤  He participated in two world wars as a U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant; flying was his passion. He built an aircraft which he flew for 2-3 years.

❤  He loved a captive audience, and the caregivers were kind to listen.

❤  He developed neuropathy in his hands and legs which prohibited walking, eating and general use of his limbs.

❤  A caregiver originated and directed daily exercises which she supervised; he eventually managed his food and turned the pages of his book as he read.

❤  A lift was used to transport him from his bed to an easy chair and back (a wholesome change).

❤  His bed was changed often, and he was turned frequently to avoid development of any skin problem.

❤  He loved being in our home until his death on June 8, 2014.

With respect and love to each caregiver who contributed to his peace and happiness

– Katherine C. Stilwell


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Looking forward to hearing from you.
~Sue Wampler

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