Find Out What Seniors Really Want

Picking the perfect gift for your loved ones can be difficult. With so many new products and services every year, it’s hard to get a handle on what might really leave an impact. Our team of caregivers took to the internet to help you find the best gifts for your aging loved ones. Join us as we review the Best Gifts for Seniors in 2021 put out by The Senior List.


The Best in Smart Home Tech

Why not make home a little easier with some smart home gifts? Tech like Amazon’s famous Alexa, the Google Assistant, and Siri work on vocal commands. You can program these devices to turn lights on and off, manage security systems, play music, order products, and even play games. It’s a great way to make everyday tasks easier for those with limited mobility!

The Handiest Gadget

Personal item location devices are a great way to help limit stress for your loved ones. These trackers can be attached to things like keys, wallets, glasses, remotes, and other everyday devices that are easily misplaced. Simply attach the tracking device and let the system find your lost items using a smart phone app! The Senior List names Tile Tracker and TrackR as the best options for item location devices.

Give the Gift of Safety

There are a lot of great gift options available to help keep seniors safe. Consider purchasing the hardware or a membership to a medical alert system to ensure your aging loved ones always have a lifeline, no matter where they are. Additionally, medical alert systems range in both price and function, which means you can pick the best fit for your family. To get more information on available systems, check out The Best Medical Alert Systems of 2021.

Woman looking at photo album with senior woman

Share Precious Moments

This year, you can make the holidays extra special by helping your aging loved one share their most cherished memories. Consider using a service or software to digitize old photos and videos to ensure they stick around for generations to come. This will give your loved one a perfect opportunity to connect with you and share more of their story. If you are looking for something more tangible, you could take a favorite photo and have it printed on a blanket or mug, or even organize a monthly calendar and have it printed. Most major big box stores like Walmart and Walgreens let you create gifts from personal photos right online!

Nourish Their Body and Spirit

The world of meal delivery services has grown exponentially in the last few years! You can have DIY meal kits and prepared meals delivered to their home once a week using meal kit services like Silver Cuisine, DietToGo, Freshology, Home Chef, and more. To learn about the best meal kit services for seniors, check out the article The Best Meal Delivery for Seniors. Or, if they like visiting restaurants, but are unable to do so, consider getting them a gift card for a delivery service like UberEats, PostMates, or GrubHub!

Keep Them Cozy This Holiday Season

In colder areas, battling the cold can get old really quickly. Consider giving the seniors in your life the gift of warmth! Heated blankets, slippers and socks, and comfortable clothing are a great way to make sure your loved ones feel warm and comfortable regardless of the temperature outside!

While everyone loves opening presents, the best gifts you can give your aging loved one are  time and attention. Remember to stop by or plan a visit this season. Be sure to make that call and stay on a little longer. Use the holidays as a time to reconnect with your loved ones – it’s a gift they aren’t likely to soon forget