Specialized Training for Stroke Recovery CARE

Learn more about our unique approach to Stroke Recovery CARE, and our emphasis on specialized caregiver training that supports our clients’ Path to Independence in an interview with Occupational Therapist, Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM, of Higher Standards Caregiver Training.

our STROKE RECOVERY services include:

Our caregivers are trained on ameriCARE Fort Worth’s nine-point Stroke Recovery CARE Program called #StrokeStrong developed from our owners’ personal caregiving experience with stroke recovery. We understand the unique needs of stroke survivors and can support you or your loved one’s path to independence.

stroke recovery CARE

ameriCARE Fort Worth has developed this very important program to address stroke recovery and stroke rehabilitation. This is and has been something our family has been living with for the past thirty years and it often goes unnoticed or overlooked completely. This is unfortunate because there are millions of stroke survivors in the United States alone.

Our owner’s wife, Kelly, experienced her first stroke when she was 25 years old and her second 11 years later. Her post-stroke care and post-stroke rehabilitation continue to this day. It is so important for family and friends to realize the importance of post-stroke care and learn some easy ways to help their stroke survivor improve their stroke recovery. This program is ameriCARE Fort Worth’s way to help improve the quality of stroke survivor care while also increasing the quality of life for the survivor.


Activity & Exercise

Encourage movements and exercise recommended by physical and occupational therapists.

Memory Care

Routines for Memory Care

For those with cognitive decline, we create routines that form a comfort zone and offer activities that challenge their minds.

Cognitive Support

Cognitive Support

Provide understanding and have patience with cognitive changes that may be the result of a stroke. (Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria).

Reading Aid


Our caregivers encourage the absorption of new knowledge, enjoying a good book or use our creativity to help our clients to keep doing things they enjoy.



Our caregivers provide safe and insured rides to and from appointments, shopping, and events as needed.

Speech Support

Speech Support

Our caregivers help our clients to have the self-confidence to fight through their speech difficulties and communicate as best they can.



Our caregivers share stories, talk about the news and do activities together. In addition, they maintain (and improve) communications with family members. (Companionship, Conversation, Technology).

Lifestyle Adjustments

Lifestyle Adjustments

Our care team helps build independence and self-esteem by encouraging the use of helpful tools like cooking aids, dressing and grooming aids, and mobility devices.


Medication Management

Organize medications, have checks and balances to follow protocols and increase safety, and relay changes in the health conditions to doctor and loved ones.

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Stroke Recovery

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