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AmeriCare Tucson

In-Home Care Agency

Serving the Tucson and surrounding areas

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AmeriCare Tucson

In-Home Care Agency

Serving Tucson and surrounding areas.

Free Consultation – Call 520-261-0094

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In-Home Care & Elderly Care Services

We are highly-skilled professional caregivers who have a passion for helping those in need.

Have you met AmeriCare Tucson’s owner, David Kafora ?  Watch a short video message to learn more about David Kafora and the AmeriCare Tucson team. 

I also wanted to compliment the caregivers on their reliable support that enables my mom to remain in independent living despite her moderate dementia. Your dependable service has been a godsend, especially in these times as I’m in WA and my mom’s in AZ and nearly 100 years old. Best regards,

Carol K

Productive and Caring environment This job gave me good experience working with elderly patients. I enjoyed being their companions and hearing all of their many stories. It is stressful, just like any job is, though everyone in the company is very supportive.


It was fun and they had flexibility I loved working there super constant and the consistency was amazing I had a couple of clients that I loved working for and the consistency was flexible……

Personal Care Aide

As per our conversation a couple of days ago regarding a caregiver I would like to continue. Kimberly was driving over an hour to come to my house. My original caregiver had called in sick and she was called with very little notice. Kimberly, being the type of person she is, said yes. I was just given a script by my doctor for anabiotic’s the day before. I wanted to get on antibiotics as soon as I could. Kimberly agreed to drive back down to the pharmacy to drop off prescription and… Read more “Linda – AmeriCare Tucson”


After 4 weeks of hospitalization, I was cared for at home by Americare Personal Care Services. The care that was given to me was truly outstanding! The employees from this company are exceptional and the management is top level. Both caregivers amazed me with their ongoing cheerfulness, their abilities and as a team, they were unbeatable! I recommend that anyone needing home care contact Gerry at 520-449-7170. I guarantee that you will be very happy that you did!

Joe, a happy client

I know that my mother has someone checking on her every day.  I am contacted if there is a problem.  I am happy with the care.  They communicate with me.  It is a great value for the service.  Glencroft at Home by AmeriCare provides a level of service my mother and I cannot live without.

Glencroft by AmeriCare

You care about what your residents are caring about. Little things mean a lot.  Thank you for keeping up with caring about your residents.  Treat others as you would like to be treated!

Glencroft by AmeriCare

A Godsend for me and my family to have this service available.

Glencroft by AmeriCare

The flexibility by AmeriCare to adapt to our needs. They have accommodated us at every turn.

Glencroft by AmeriCare

The convenience it allows us. Help is always at hand.

Glencroft by AmeriCare Family Member

I want to say that your staff of caregivers are doing a wonderful job of keeping up with my mom and her needs.  We count on them and appreciate everything they do (even when we sometimes don’t notice it as quickly as we should.)  Thank you and everyone for all you do.


We have been extremely happy with the services provided by David and his staff. They are considerate and caring; and we know that my father is in good hands. The have gone above and beyond what is expected of them on several occasions. Without these extra services David provides, my father would need to move to a higher level of care and loose much of his independence.


During my total knee replacement recovery, I was lucky to have the help of AmeriCare personal. All my caregivers and managers were very professional and also very caring. I always felt secure with them. And they were always on time and very committed. They made this hard and painful recovery much easier

Alba Nora

My family and I would like to thank AmeriCare and let others know what an excellent job they are doing of providing quality home care services. When our elderly dad started needing 24 hour home care, we began researching services available to help us. After numerous phone calls, reading reviews, and interviews, we chose AmeriCare. Several things helped us decide: the friendly professionalism and genuine concern of Gerry and Kim, and finding out AmeriCare provides their caregivers a higher pay than the industry standard. It was reassuring knowing dad’s caregivers would be… Read more “Chris – Oro Valley”

Chris martin

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work professionally with AmeriCare. They have quickly become my number one referral source. Gerry is quick to contact patients and assist in meeting needs of scheduling, patients unique needs, and overcoming obstacles. I have seen the heart of AmeriCare work with a patient who had no support. AmeriCare became that support and went above and beyond. These are the kind of people I want to do business with and will continue to grow a professional relationship with. It eases my worries to know our… Read more “Kerri- Oro Valley”


To the mommy of the most beautiful baby in the world. Thank you so much for all of your caring & generosity. You are one of my earth angels.


What a pleasure & a joy it was to meet with you on Friday. Nice to know there are agencies out in our community who operate from the heart. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I look forward to a long & prosperous adventure together as part of the team at AmeriCare.


I had a very great expierence working with the office manager. I would feel very comfortable using AmeriCare for my loved one. I felt at ease after speaking with Kim about the care AmeriCare provides.


Martha has been moms caregiver for the past 4 weeks. She is so loving and caring and Mom smiles when she hears her voice.
Today Martha needed the day off and Linda was here this morning. How lucky could we be to have another caring and loving caregiver with Mom.
Thank you for employing wonderful loving and caring woman. Thank you


After a recent surgery, I used AmeriCare’s services, who were recommended to me by my doctor and his staff. I needed someone to help me with the laundry. The woman they sent is wonderful! Not only did she do the laundry, folded or hung up dried clothes and put them away, but also changed the beds, emptied the dishwasher and refilled it, dumped the trash and grocery shopped with me. She just sees things that need doing and does them! One day, I started doing some cleaning up, from force of habit,… Read more “Mary – Oro Valley”


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Helping hand at home

No matter what age or level of health, we can all use a little extra help to navigate life’s challenges. Whether it’s assistance with basic household chores while you recover from surgery or compassionate care and companionship for your older loved one, our screened, certified and trained caregivers are there to lend a hand when you need it the most.

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AmeriCare Tucson offers a variety of in-home support services that care for your loved one’s mind, body and spirit. Our caregivers provide companionship, personal, respite and post-operative care – all in the comfort of the client’s own home.

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Our personalized care plans emphasize helping our clients maintain their dignity and self-respect while providing peace of mind, companionship, safety and supervision. You choose the caregiver, schedule and length of care to meet your loved one’s needs.

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