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My Mom has been receiving home health care from Americare for a year and a half. She developed relationships with aides and enjoyed seeing them. They made sure she took her medication and checked to ensure she was ok. 7 months ago she began having medical problems which led the decision to move to assisted living. Due to the pandemic, visitation was minimal, but when I did get to see her, I found an infection had gone undiagnosed for a month, medication had not been dispensed properly, she was frustrated with the lack of personal care and a multitude of other problems. After two months, the decision was made to switch back to her apartment and increase the level of care and the number of visits from Americare, and my mom has been thriving and feeling like she has control over her life. Americare has made it easy to communicate with them, care for my mom and accommodate any changes that need to be made due to ever evolving health issues. They contact me if they see something that needs to be addressed and when she is not feeling well. I know that I can call on them to help when I cannot get there for whatever reason. I am so thankful Americare has been there for my mom and would highly recommend Americare for a more personal care of a loved one that allows them to remain in their own home or apartment.

Over the past several months, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Regional Operations Manager Kimberly Sharrah. I wanted to take the time out to commend and recognize her efforts in helping us regularly secure staffing for our very busy COVID testing sites in Tucson.


Kimberly has gone above and beyond to not only communicate with me regularly concerning staffing but also was able to handle our last minute staffing needs without complaint time and again.  Her dedication, responsiveness, and work ethic are unparalleled and with an attitude like that, I sincerely thought she was also actually the owner of the Americare company. Employees like Kim are one in a million and I thought you should know. I have worked with so many personalities over my career and meeting Kim (virtually) has been refreshing and inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you are doing well.


Stay blessed.

Dr. S

I also wanted to compliment the caregivers on their reliable support that enables my mom to remain in independent living despite her moderate dementia. Your dependable service has been a godsend, especially in these times as I’m in WA and my mom’s in AZ and nearly 100 years old.

Best regards,

Carol K

Hi Mr. Kofora,

Thank you very much for your assisting my dad with his caregiver. We’re grateful to have someone come see/check on him daily.

With appreciation,

Bill's daughters

Our Dad is very happy and appreciative to have Fay come each morning.

Sincere thanks for your services,

God bless,



I know that my mother has someone checking on her every day.  I am contacted if there is a problem.  I am happy with the care.  They communicate with me.  It is a great value for the service.  Glencroft at Home by AmeriCare provides a level of service my mother and I cannot live without.

Glencroft by AmeriCare

You care about what your residents are caring about. Little things mean a lot.  Thank you for keeping up with caring about your residents.  Treat others as you would like to be treated!

Glencroft by AmeriCare

A Godsend for me and my family to have this service available.

Glencroft by AmeriCare

The flexibility by AmeriCare to adapt to our needs. They have accommodated us at every turn.

Glencroft by AmeriCare

The convenience it allows us. Help is always at hand.

Glencroft by AmeriCare Family Member

We thank you for all the help you gave [mom]. You handled her with such patience. It was a good lesson for us to see as we know it wasn’t always easy.

Addie Family

Having a great day David,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Estelle is sounding like her self before she began having big problems… she is having 3 other ladies over for cards today. For the last two months she has sounded great, no yelling… she has been the nicer version of herself therefore I’d say we are doing a good job with her care. I am very relieved.

Thank you so very much,

Leslie, Estelle's daughter

I want to say that your staff of caregivers are doing a wonderful job of keeping up with my mom and her needs.  We count on them and appreciate everything they do (even when we sometimes don’t notice it as quickly as we should.)  Thank you and everyone for all you do.


We have been extremely happy with the services provided by David and his staff. They are considerate and caring; and we know that my father is in good hands. The have gone above and beyond what is expected of them on several occasions. Without these extra services David provides, my father would need to move to a higher level of care and loose much of his independence.


Glencroft at Home By Americare has been helping me help my 87 year old mother for the past 3 months.  My mom lives in Glendale, AZ and I live in Houston, Tx.    I can’t be there to make sure mom is OK and taking her medications as prescribed.  Glencroft at Home By AmeriCare gives me comfort knowing my mom is in good hands.   A Home Health Care Professional arrives every morning to check on mom and administers her meds.  I feel comfortable calling them anytime and discussing mom’s needs or making changes to her care.   Seriously, I don’t know how my mom could live independently without Glencroft at Home By AmeriCare.


I appreciate your promptness and service.

Mike for Mary

My family is grateful to Americare as they provide Glencroft at Home (By AmeriCare) services. It’s helping to keep our mother in her apartment where she is the most comfortable. The Glencroft at Home (By AmeriCare) caregivers are timely, consistent, and very caring. It is a relief to our family to know that there will be someone who lays eyes on our mother every day, especially on the days when we can’t be there.


I met the owner of AmeriCare in his office with my dad to discuss some basic help while Dad was experiencing some temporary difficulties.  During our conversation, I told David about Dad’s eyesight and some changes and how bad it had gotten since the previous night.  David became extremely concerned and told me to get Dad seen right away.  As it turned out, “insisting my father go to a Dr. right away did save his sight”.

Mike H

After just 2 weeks with AmeriCare Paradise Valley, we feel secure and settled with the excellent placement and care for my 94 year old Mom. This transition is so critical for the well being of my Mom and my family is quite impressed with the personal and professional care she is receiving. There are many layers of people and skills in action. We are very grateful.

Mary H.

Very good experience. My handicapped husband needs help I cannot provide and Americare has been a great help. They are respectful and compassionate toward my husband and myself. A much appreciated service.

Will- Paradise Valley 1

Much appreciated service, great that they come to your home!

Bella- Paradise Valley 2

This company is amazing and their caregivers are so wonderful!! We were so grateful the skilled nursing facility recommended them….I can AmeriCare PV so that my mother could have help at home after she was discharged following her hip replacement surgery. My mother needed assistance with pretty much everything, from housekeeping and cooking to showering, getting dressed, and making sure she is stable when walking around and ensuring she doesn’t fall, my brother and I work full time and it’s all too much for my father to do alone. AmeriCare provided a free home safety evaluation at our assessment meeting and pointed out some not so obvious trip hazards in the house that we quickly removed so that my mother could be safe. They also helped mom and dad with applying for Veteran’s benefits, after they asked a few questions about dad’s service days, they figured out he was eligible for Aid and Attendance with the VA and once they got approved the money they received from the VA paid for the care mom needed while she recovered at home. We were so blessed with AmeriCare and their commitment to providing the best care for our mother and we will be recommending them to everyone we know in case they need help some day! Thank you AmeriCare Paradise Valley!


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