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Non-medical in-home care for seniors, surgery recovery, and chronic illness management.

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We’re a family-owned franchise located in the heart of San Francisco.

We believe it’s time the in-home care experience became more personalized, positive, and powerful. We bring our own family’s experience as well as the smartest tech to the process of widening your care circle.


To promote independence and desired lifestyle by providing a personalized CARE experience with dedicated and compassionate caregivers that make aging at home comfortable, safe, and connected.


CARE that empowers families and loved ones to enjoy more shared moments together at home.

A new Kind of care

a new kind of CARE

We believe in care that serves and supports the whole human person as well as their immediate community. We believe that thoughtful, personalized care has the power to not only maintain but also enrich anyone’s quality of life, no matter what changes they’re facing.

And we believe that care is a two-way street. Our caregivers are true professionals, called to serve others in ways that aren’t traditionally honored or praised by the world as we know it. We recognize their gifts and we support their potential with world-class training and career opportunities.

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We leverage the best tech to make bookings, reviews, and payments easier than ever.

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high standards

Our caregivers are dedicated, highly-trained individuals with constant access to new safety trainings and techniques

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We’re here to serve the client’s whole family in the way that’s right for them.


We celebrate and support San Franciscans of all life stages and styles.
Our SF chapter of AmeriCare is a proud LGBTQ+-owned business.

our CARE team

Kevin Rasmussen

Kevin Rasmussen


Kevin Rasmussen is ameriCARE SF’s owner and business lead, overseeing multiple ameriCARE agencies in the Bay Area.

He brings a background in online customer experience plus a committed vision for making in-home care more accessible for San Franciscans of all lifestyles & ability levels. After nearly two decades in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, Kevin decided to pursue a dream he had had for a long time: to change the way we care for each other.

Kevin’s path to the in-home care industry began many years ago when a major family event changed the way he looked at the quality of life. After his cousin suffered a traumatic brain injury, Kevin’s close-knit family mobilized to provide consistent care for her. As a part-time caregiver himself, Kevin was part of what he calls a “care circle”, and he fully felt the ways in which one individual’s circumstances affect the larger whole. At the same time, he saw that while his cousin’s needs had changed, her life was as full of potential as ever. He realized something that would follow him throughout his career helping customers: care is a ripple effect.

Whether he was working for huge Fortune 500 retailers or scrappy startups with tiny teams, Kevin found that one thing always made the difference: keeping it personal. As he pursued his career in helping customers engage online, he kept thinking about ways to give back. A proud and prominent member of SF’s LGBTQ+ community, Kevin began cycling in the annual AIDS LifeCycle to raise money and awareness. He started researching caregiving as a science, a philosophy. And he decided to turn his career toward the business of helping others.

Kevin launched AmeriCARE SF in April 2020, and he has big plans for the future of the agency. Kevin’s vision for AmeriCARE SF is threefold: to provide clients with the very best care, to become a trusted employer and career resource for aspiring caregivers, and a catalyst for change in the home-care space. How will he do it? By taking care of every client as well as he can on an individual level. “This business is as personal as it gets,” Kevin says, “For us, success is all about helping each client and their care circle finds a plan that works for them.”

Kayley Steinhauer

Kayley Steinhauer

business operations manager

Kayley Steinhauer runs business and marketing operations for AmeriCARE SF. She also serves as the agency’s lead liaison for all prospective caregivers.

In addition to her role with AmeriCARE SF, Kayley creates strength training programs for individual athletes and small teams – a calling that has made a deep impression on the way she approaches caregiving. After studying kinesiology, Kayley went on to earn a master’s degree in higher education leadership. She was generally interested in how the body responds to change and stress, and how positive emotional interactions can accelerate healing.

She found that strength training was her personal sweet spot and began creating customized programs for a few clients. Kayley was amazed by the power of the mind-body connection in people of all ages and fitness levels. “Every human body starts at a different place. Everybody moves forward at their own speed,” Kayley says, “But everybody can move forward with clear intentions and some support.” That holds true whether she’s working with a soccer team, an AmeriCare client, or a friend.

Growing up in rural California near the Rasmussen family ranch, Kayley developed a deep appreciation for nature as well as her own set of values: resiliency, persistence, and a love of adventure. Like her uncle Kevin, Kayley believes that the right care at the right moment can make all the difference and that all care is interconnected.

When she’s not shaping the future of the in-home care industry or coaching someone to break their boundaries, Kayley pursues her love of travel and the great outdoors. You can often find her camping near Bear Valley with her husband Levi and their two majestic pups, Koda and Huxley.

Vanessa Munoz

Vanessa Munoz

CARE team supervisor

Vanessa Munoz is the CARE Team Supervisor here at ameriCARE SF. Vanessa is a San Francisco native who recently acquired her bachelor’s in Psychology.

She is a lover of humanity and her favorite subject is personality psychology. While being a full-time student, she also worked full time with the geriatric population in San Francisco for the last five years. Vanessa developed deep care for the geriatric population and acknowledges the importance of having quality care for them.

In her free time, Vanessa is an advocate for mental health and is an ambassador for the nonprofit organization Sol Sisters Inc. Her hopes are to capitalize on the importance of a safe work environment for both the client and caregiver. She strongly believes that good care comes from a caregiver who feels supported and confident in the work they do. She is grateful to be part of such a great team and will continue to strive for quality CARE.

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