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  • Older man with walker sitting on park bench with an older woman smiling

    July 30, 2021

    Tips on Postoperative Home Care in San Francisco

    Many patients rightly fear surgery because it is an uncharted territory for them. Many also worry about the potential risks and complications associated with the surgical procedure. Patients and their loved ones take time to prepare for surgery and gain information about the procedure and required medications. They also [...]

  • May 24, 2021

    What Can Home Care Specialists Do For Me in San Francisco?

    Loss of independence is common among San Francisco's senior population and that’s where home care specialists can help. As individuals transition from middle age to old age, they often experience various challenges brought about by the natural effects of aging, making independent living more complicated than it once was. [...]

  • April 15, 2021

    4 Tips For Post-Operative Care & Recovery At Home | San Francisco

    Most people have a plan to prepare for surgery, but post-operative care at home is just as critical when recovering from any procedure.  Post-op care starts in the hospital, where your doctors can oversee medication management and keep any complications at bay. While this varies with the kind of [...]

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  • Senior woman standing in front of bathroom mirror while brushing her teeth

    May 12, 2022

    Can Oral Health Affect Your Heart Health?

    Maintaining a healthy heart is a no-brainer! Eating the right foods, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight are things most of us know we should be doing to keep our cardiovascular systems in check. But did you know that oral health can positively or negatively affect your heart? While [...]

  • Female caregiver pushing happy woman in wheelchair through garden in the outdoors

    April 26, 2022

    Getting Outdoors – Making Nature Accessible to Seniors

    Getting Fresh Air is Good for Everyone Spending time outside isn’t just an enjoyable experience – it’s also an important component in maintaining your physical and mental health. In fact, getting back to nature is an age-old trick to “staying young.” The benefits are numerous: Better air [...]

  • Senior couple looking around at hotel room with smiles on their faces and holding their rolling suitcases

    April 12, 2022

    7 Travel Tips for Seniors

    Make the Most Out of Your Trip with a Little Preparation Many seniors often feel that traveling is too risky or difficult, but with a little preparation and research, you can plan accessible trips and make memories to last a lifetime! Join our care team as we review the [...]

  • Adult woman talking with her aging parents at the breakfast table

    March 22, 2022

    10 Tips for Having Tough Conversations with Aging Parents

    Updated March 22, 2022.  Our parents often need extra help as they age but they may resist the extra attention to their personal matters. Having tough conversations with our parents about their future health and well-being can be difficult for us and frustrating for them. Conversations about caregiving or [...]

  • Illustration with kidneys and doctors looking at the kidneys surrounded by medical supplies

    March 9, 2022

    The Warning Signs of Kidney Disease

    We’re using National Kidney Month to share some important information on kidney disease and kidney health! The National Kidney Foundation recently shared the shocking statistic that kidney disease, also known as chronic kidney disease or CKD, causes more deaths than breast cancer or prostate cancer and is considered an [...]

  • Senior man playing guitar joined by wife singing while sitting on couch

    February 23, 2022

    Improving the Lives of Seniors Though Healthy Habits

    Establishing Healthy Daily Routines for Seniors From maintaining their professional careers to taking care of their families, most seniors have spent a lifetime accustomed to daily routines. As people age, however, the need for some of these routines diminishes. Children leave the home and people enter retirement, leaving seniors [...]

  • Title of the blog over light blue background next to a photo of a senior woman holding her hands in a heart shape

    February 8, 2022

    Heart Health Resources for American Heart Month

    Explore Easy Ways to Improve Your Heart Health Heart health has been one of our biggest article topics for years. Working on healthy habits to improve your heart function is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease and stroke, which are two of the most common causes [...]

  • Female caregiver wearing scrubs sitting on couch with senior woman drinking tea and looking at notebook

    January 26, 2022

    Home Health Care vs In-Home Care

    What is the Difference Between Home Health Care Services and In-Home Caregiving? Finding the right kind of care for yourself or for a loved one can feel overwhelming. There are many types of care and many services and agencies offering that care. How do you know what’s right for [...]

  • Young female caregiver pushing elderly woman in a wheelchair down hallway in retirement home

    January 12, 2022

    What is the Difference Between In-Home Care and Assisted Living?

    Finding the Right Care for Your Aging Loved One Our care teams get a lot of questions about the different kinds of care available for people as they age. There are a lot of options to choose from and it can feel confusing. Today, we want to share the [...]