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CarePAL is a workshop series that focuses on care partners (CPs), also known as family caregivers: people helping to care for a family member or friend with a serious illness (care recipient).

It also assists the care recipient (CR or “your loved one”) through key activities and contacts involving both the care partner and the care recipient.

CarePAL views the two of you as a team, working together now and in the future. Care partners and their care recipients openly and jointly plan for the future together.

Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with a serious chronic illness such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, or a chronic
heart, liver, kidney or lower respiratory disease?

Do you have questions or concerns about how to handle the challenges and stressors that come with serious chronic
illness or decisions and future plans about ongoing care at home?

If so, CarePAL may be able to help you!

Through our free workshops, you will learn:
 How to manage your concerns, stress, and distress
 How to prepare for changes because of serious illness
 How to communicate about serious illness with others
 How to stay engaged and plan for the future

For more information about our CarePAL series currently being offered in the Phoenix Area, please call: 602-496-1239

OR (Outside of Maricopa County) 1-844-418-5538

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Social Security Benefits WORKSHOP

The Area Agency on Aging has scheduled a Social Security Benefits and Medicare Workshop women’s-only on Aug. 12 to provide information and clarity about benefits. This workshop will be held at AGEconnect on 7th, 2950 N. 7th Street in Phoenix.

This workshop will be conducted by Kimberly Yellow Robe, Public Affairs Specialist at the Social Security Administration, and Andrea Parra, Area Agency on Aging Benefits Assistance Program Supervisor.

Bring your own brown bag lunch. Water and soda will be provided.

This workshop for women-only will be held from
12pm to 2pm on Monday, August 12 at
AGEconnect on 7th
2950 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014 

There is no cost to attend this workshop, but registration is required.

Register Today at 602-264-4357 or online at  aaaphx.org

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