Services Include:

Our caregivers ensure that clients suffering from mild to severe spinal cord disabilities are comfortable and well taken care of in the safety of their own homes.
  • Pet Care
  • Bathing & Hygiene Assistance
  • House Cleaning & Laundry Services
  • Shopping & Running Errands
  • Companionship
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Exercise & Recreation
  • Appointments
  • Injury Prevention

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spinal cord disabilities CARE

Spinal cord disabilities are among the most traumatic that someone can sustain. There are many causes of spinal cord disabilities. Anyone who has a spinal cord disability knows exactly how debilitating it is.

The ailments are both physical and mental. The results bring not only damage to independence and physical function, but also include many other complications. Some of the most frequent complications include, but are not limited to, neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction, urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers, orthostatic hypotension, fractures, deep vein thrombosis, spasticity, autonomic dysreflexia, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, and depressive disorders. Even more, spinal cord disabilities can result in the loss of work, which brings psychosocial and economic problems.

​The treatment and rehabilitation process of a spinal cord disability is long, expensive, and requires a multidisciplinary approach. However, early rehabilitation is important to prevent additional disability and complications.

​There are a number of factors to take into account with regard to having a healthy spine. The spinal cord is not the bones of your spine. The spinal cord consists of the nerves that are protected and housed by the vertebrae of the spine. Did you know that there is a tremendous amount of research that says we lose the ability to communicate with and control our spine if we aren’t moving it? Daily movement is so important for a healthy spine! The spine is the core of our body and needs to be adequately cared for. This is true for all of our clients, not just our clients with spinal cord disabilities.

​At AmeriCare Silicon Valley, we have developed several programs that teach our clients how to incorporate various habits into their daily routines, such as breathing techniques and cultivating mindfulness, to rebuild connections between the mind and body and aid in an increase in overall health and well-being. Our caregivers ensure that your loved one is comfortable and well taken care of in the safety of the home. They are trained on how to properly and adequately care for each of our clients that are suffering from mild to severe spinal cord disabilities. Our care staff is committed to the client relationship and building a lasting bond. Our care staff is Here to Care.™

Pet Care:
Our caregivers can assist with numerous pet services including dog walking, feeding, transportation and assistance with vet appointments, pet hygiene, and other pet services to keep both owner and pet happy and healthy.

Hygiene Assistance:
Our caregivers can assist you or your loved one with bathing, toileting, dressing, teeth brushing or any other personal hygiene tasks.

House Cleaning Services:
Our caregivers can assist with any daily household chores to ensure a clean house that brings peace of mind.

Running Errands:
Our caregivers can assist with grocery shopping, medication pick-up, mail, and picking up pet food.

Our caregivers exercise patience and compassion to allow for a beneficial engagement experience. A multitude of choices are offered to your loved one, giving them the most beneficial involvement. Our caregivers will help your loved ones find purpose and understanding through meaningful activities.

Medication Reminders:
Our caregivers make sure our clients take the amount they need when they need it.

Meal Preparation:
Our caregivers can help prepare meals, shop for groceries, monitor dietary restrictions, and provide assistance in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, having a home-cooked meal without having to fix it themselves is just what the client needed.

Exercise & Recreation:
Staying active promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our caregivers will encourage your loved one to turn off the TV and get moving. Whether it’s a walk up and down the driveway or assistance with physical therapy exercises, our caregivers can provide assistance to help your loved one stay active.

For some older adults, appointments can be confusing. Our caregivers can accompany your loved one to their appointment and help them understand any information or instructions their doctor or others may have given them.

Injury Prevention:
Our caregivers are proactive in preventing harmful falls or other injuries by maintaining a clean environment, removing tripping hazards, helping our clients with mobility, and keeping the environment as safe as possible.

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