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Finding the right care specialists is important. When safety, reliability, and dignity matter most, chose ameriCARE Texas.

setting a higher standard of CARE for the ones you love

At ameriCARE Texas, we are focused on finding new ways to provide better care to all our clients. We go beyond basic operations like general caregiver training and shift scheduling, to incorporate new, innovative practices that ensure truly tailored care. We design each of our care plans to help our clients lead the most fulfilling lives possible, regardless of their situation.

Care Standard Cutout

our innovative in-home CARE plans include:

Physician Oversight

Physician Oversight

We work with medical doctors to assess each of our client’s needs on a weekly basis and develop and refine care plans to align with their overall health goals. This allows our clients, and their families, to stay up to date and involved throughout the entire in-home care journey and feel confident in the care they receive.

Care Team

Local, Personalized Care Teams

Through our rigorous hiring, training, and continuing education processes, we have created incredible teams of local in-home care providers. This means our clients have access to top-notch, certified, and dedicated caregivers who live and work in their own communities.

Care Circle

Integration into Your Care Circle

The need for non-medical, in-home care can arise at any time, for a number of reasons. Whether you’re in need of temporary assistance or are looking for a reliable care team as you or a loved one ages into hospice, we are here to fulfill that role. Our team of reliable caregivers are here to take your journey with you, for as short or long of a period as you need.

Tailored Care

Local, Personalized Care Teams

Our in-home care plans cover a wide range of needs from temporary or respite care to full-time, overnight support. Each of our care plans is tailored to meet your needs, whether that be companionship, patient advocacy, help around the house, support for hygiene and daily routines, or transportation services.

Higher Standards

Higher Education Standards for Caregivers

Our unique hiring process requires each of our caregivers to have their home health aide or nursing assistant certifications, but they must also be lifelong learners who are passionate about providing the best care possible to our clients. They must be patient, kind, encouraging, positive, and punctual.

Better Caregiver Support

Better Caregiver Support

To ensure we maintain the best care teams possible, we support our caregivers’ goals through better compensation, benefits, and continued education and training. Our caregivers stay on top of updates in healthcare and continually work to improve their skills while developing new ones to ensure each of our clients receives the care they deserve.

Empowering Caregivers

empowering our caregivers

Better care starts with better caregivers. At ameriCARE Texas, we do more than find the very best caregivers in our area. We also work hard to support their growth and career goals by providing regular and specialized training, professional development opportunities, a sustainable wage, full benefits, and a work environment that fosters encouragement and empowerment. Because our caregivers are happier with their roles and feel taken care of by our team, they can then provide the best care possible to our clients.

our training process

When it comes to providing the best non-medical in-home care in Texas, we never settle! Each member of our care team goes through a rigorous interview process, must meet a higher standard of education and experience, and must be willing to continually learn and grow. Our in-house training and education programs help our caregivers stay on top of best practices to ensure each of our clients has a great experience.

Our Training Process

“What I love about working for ameriCARE is that the company really supports you out in the field. Anything you need to succeed at your job to be more successful, they will accommodate your needs if it’s reasonable and I have experienced this first hand! Ashley, Mr. Marty, Latina, and Jephrey are amazing people and amazing to work for. I never have worked for a company where I felt like I belonged and have the support and tools to be successful.”

Caregiver, Fort Worth

Refer a Caregiver

refer a caregiver

Many times, the best caregivers start out helping their own family through injury, surgery, illness, or old age and then find they have a passion for caretaking. We find that this kind of experience is invaluable when it comes to important skills like bedside manner and companionship. We’re always looking to hire dedicated, caring professionals and who fit these qualities. If you know of anyone who fits this description, we’d love to hear from you!