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For our team here at ameriCARE Texas, building out our business is about more than simply expanding our footprint. It’s about bringing the most innovative, talented care and wellness professionals together to better serve individuals and families throughout Texas. Our goal is to set a higher standard for in-home care so that all people get the dedicated, safe, and well-rounded care they deserve, whether healing from surgery, managing a chronic illness, or working to stay independent as they age.

Americare Texas Expanding

bring high quality CARE to new
areas in Texas

We are currently licensed to operate in 18 counties throughout the Fort Worth/Dallas area and are working to expand into San Antonio and Austin. We are looking for thoughtful, dedicated, and driven care professionals to join our team and bring our high caliber care services to new locations.

franchise and area developer opportunities

Rising hospital costs are driving more people to seek alternative options to longer hospital stays. Adults of all ages are looking to convalesce at home after surgery, injury, and even childbirth. This has created an opportunity to help educate individuals and families on the benefits of companion care and in-home care services including:

  • senior care assistance
  • disability homecare assistance
  • rehabilitation homecare assistance
  • maternity care and homecare assistance
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WHY JOIN the ameriCARE home care franchise team?

  • Homecare is an exploding industry with a growing population in need of services
  • ameriCARE Texas is a young company with incredible growth potential
  • We offer tiered franchise options with the ability to expand
  • We have a proven record with successful companion, senior, and home care franchise programs
  • We offer a unique brand and marketing plan to position your franchise for success

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