On Independence Day, many of us get together to celebrate the independence our country gained in July of 1776 from Great Britain.  Independence is multi-faceted and at Americare Main Line, we work with seniors who are fighting to keep their own personal independence. The freedom to still drive or live in their much-loved family home.

We tend to take our independence for granted, that it’s a given. But, as we age, we can start to lose our independence. It can happen in many ways. From losing the mobility to perform once easy tasks such as cleaning, to no longer being able to get out and visit friends and family. This loss of total freedom can rob our elderly loved ones of their joy and can lead to depression.

Independence is a truly wonderful thing and should be celebrated. So, on the Fourth of July also give a thought to the elderly around you that you can help remain independent for as long as possible.

It could be that you have an elderly neighbor who can no longer cut their grass or go grocery shopping on their own. It could be an elderly parent or grandparent that no longer has the ability to clean their home, or the transport to get to their weekly social club. Take time to think abut those around you and how helping them with something that seems so small will really make a big difference in how they feel.

Because, at Americare Main Line we find that it’s the little things that stop a person remaining independent, long before the big things become an issue. From walking their dog, to remembering to take their medication. We believe in helping seniors stay in their homes for as long as is practical.

We can help in all manner of ways. From adding additional support, to becoming the primary caregivers for your loved one. As little as one hour a day to 24/7 care. Our services are wide ranging. From popping in and helping your loved one get set for the day, to taking your loved one to their appointments. Contact us if you wish to find out more.