Caregiver Resource Articles

1201, 2023

Aging and Eye Health

Changes in Vision as You Age It’s not uncommon for people to experience changes in vision as they age. Common changes include: Losing the ability to see up close Having trouble distinguishing colors, such as blue from black Needing more time to adjust to shifts in lighting (National Institute [...]

2812, 2022

2023 Self-Care Resolutions for Those Receiving In-Home Care

Individuals and families seek out the help of in-home caregivers for a wide variety of reasons. Whether living with chronic illness, recovering from surgery, or learning new routines to maintain independence while aging, caregivers offer needed relief for many people, young and old. Many times, however, the transition to [...]

1612, 2022

Tips for Seniors – Preparing for Successful Surgery and Recovery

Proper preparation is key to minimizing post-operation complications for seniors. Having surgery is a big deal, especially for our older loved ones, who may already be managing mobility or cognition issues. Planning ahead can help eliminate stress and lay the groundwork for a smooth and successful recovery. Join our [...]