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1305, 2021

What You Can Learn from National Blood Pressure Education Month

The American Heart Association, in partnership with the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention and the Million Hearts initiative, have named May National Blood Pressure Education Month in an effort to help people understand the importance of hypertension control and heart health. Our team at ameriCARE put [...]

1504, 2021

4 Tips For Post-Operative Care & Recovery At Home | San Francisco

Most people have a plan to prepare for surgery, but post-operative care at home is just as critical when recovering from any procedure.  Post-op care starts in the hospital, where your doctors can oversee medication management and keep any complications at bay. While this varies with the kind of [...]

1503, 2021

What Is Senior Isolation, And What Can You Do To Help?

There is a host of research showing that social support is a predicting factor for emotional and physical well-being. Isolation is a threat to psychological health, physical health, and, ultimately, survival. This is true for every human being, but, unfortunately, seniors are more prone to such dangers in today's [...]

2602, 2021

National Pistachio Day – Celebrating a Great Power Food for Seniors

This Friday, February 26th is National Pistachio Day and we’re here to celebrate! We know it sounds a little silly to have a whole day dedicated to one little nut, but the truth is, pistachios, along with other nuts, are an incredible addition to senior diets. The [...]