For many of us, the end of summer through to the end of the year seems to go by in a flash. Busy school schedules and other commitments can result in us not visiting our elderly loved ones as much, and this is the time of year where they really appreciate the company.

Couple with the darker and cooler evenings there is also less chance for them to interact with neighbors. Some people migrate south for the summer and others just don’t go out as much leaving your loved one isolated and alone.

Help your elderly loved ones connect via technology

Technology has transformed the ability to stay connected. If your elderly loved ones haven’t got a cell phone, smart device or computer, think about investing in one for them. Being able to text, FaceTime, or Skype can help keep them feel involved in your life, especially if you live far away.

Go back to basics

Nothing says you are thinking of your loved one like sending them items, such as the latest school photo or a drawing from their grandchild. Even a note to show you are thinking of them goes a long way.

These notes and art works can be stored and can bring wonderful memories. They may also have it on the wall to remind them of how much love and care they have from their loved ones. Make this a project for the little tots. Not only are the little kids able to practice their creativity, they are also inspired by coming up with the best for the love of their grandparents.

Schedule in time to visit them in advance

Visiting your loved ones should not be limited to the long summer break or key holidays like Thanksgiving.  If the distance isn’t too great, nothing will make them feel more loved than rounding up the troops and going to visit them.

If you are struggling with the above then there are other options. Local friends and neighbors are a good source of companionship as are local groups or specialist centers, such as the New Horizons Senior Center in Narberth. One of most satisfying jobs at Americare Main Line is companionship for our elderly clients. We love listening to them talk and tell all their stories.

Making our elders feel loved and remembered should always be the top of our priority list. After all, they have probably given so much to everyone else over the years, it’s only right to care for them now and pay it back.