we do CARE a little differently

We’re a family-owned franchise boutique located in the heart of the Weatherford area.

We believe it’s time the in-home care experience became more personalized, positive, and powerful. We bring our own family’s experience as well as the smartest tech to the process of widening your care circle.

We believe being in the home care business takes an understanding of where seniors are, and their generation. There is a rapidly growing, aging population. I’ve asked myself “How can I increase quality of life when they’re at the end of their life?” They still deserve the same dignity and respect as anyone else; my goal is to provide a comfortable experience for a population that is often overlooked and passed by. Many can view seniors as being in the way – that’s simply not the case.

Seniors still deserve respect and dignity as they move into the final chapters of their life, just as much as anyone else. Additionally, before entering in the home business, I did not realize caregivers were so undervalued and under-appreciated in the industry. Being that caregivers are such an incredibly essential part of the equation, our goal is to impact them positively and potentially have our organization serve as a stepping stone for them to pursue a career beyond caregiving, if that is something they are interested in. ameriCARE Weatherford is dedicated to providing financial, educational, professional and personal resources and development opportunities to care specialists. I see this as an integral part of our operation; I believe that encouraging our care specialists and thinking holistically about their overall wellness will in turn, allow them to provide the utmost level of care to our clients.

our mission

To promote independence and desired lifestyle by providing a personalized care experience with dedicated and compassionate care specialists that make aging at home comfortable, safe, and connected.

our vision

Care that empowers families and loved ones to enjoy more shared moments together at home.

a new kind of CARE

We believe in care that serves and supports the whole human person as well as their immediate community. We believe that thoughtful, personalized care has the power to not only maintain but also enrich anyone’s quality of life, no matter what changes they’re facing.

And we believe that care is a two-way street. Our care specialists are true professionals, called to serve others in ways that aren’t traditionally honored or praised by the world as we know it. We recognize their gifts and we support their potential with world-class training and career opportunities.

how we’re making it happen


We leverage the best tech to make bookings, reviews, and payments easier than ever.

high standards

Our care specialists are dedicated, highly-trained individuals with constant access to new safety trainings and techniques


We’re here to serve the client’s whole family in the way that’s right for them.

We celebrate and support Weatherford residents of all life stages and styles.

our CARE team

Robert & Christina Ybarra


Howdy Parker and Tarrant County!

Y’all have more important things to do than read a lengthy bio, but at the same time you want to know more about ameriCARE Weatherford and its owners.  Here is a little about us, so let’s get to it!

Well, I’m Robert.

I consider myself a Texan, though I was born in Colorado. My dad was born and raised in Dallas, and his parents were born in Kaufman, TX. I got cheated because my father was serving in the Army when I was born.  In the end I let him off the hook for serving our country. Hopefully you will let me off the hook too and consider me a fellow Texan.  I’ve lived throughout the DFW area since kindergarten.  Texas is home!

My wife Christina is from Indianapolis and has been in Texas since 2010.  She loves her cowboy boots and the warmer weather (yes, I know it gets too HOT around here but not for her).  We were married in our church in Keller and have two sons.  We now live in Weatherford on 5 acres with our goats, donkeys, chickens, cow and Great Pyrenees.

We started ameriCARE Weatherford for one main reason: you and your loved ones!  My personal experiences come from having watched family members become frustrated and unhappy with their caregivers or vice versa time and time again.  “How can we fix this or make it better”, I would often think.  No one needs to be frustrated or upset, especially in these situations.  How can we make changes that impact our community and those who need help in an incredibly positive way? How can we get our boots muddy without waiting for someone else (or the government) to do it?  Thank you ameriCARE for being those special boots we are mudding up!

The other reason is our care specialists.  We see them as an integral part of our community and operation. We believe education, encouragement, and thinking about their overall wellness will in turn, allow them to provide the utmost level of care to you and your loved ones. The last thing we want is for you to receive care from a stressed, burnout caregiver.  You and your loved ones are too important!  Our care specialists are too important!

Well, that’s us.  Although the writeup is too lengthy for my taste, we can’t just say we are here to help take care of fellow Texans, and leave it at that, can we?

Anyway, y’all reach out to us directly if you want to chat more.  We can’t wait to care for you!

God bless Texas!  God bless America! And don’t forget to slow down, check in on your neighbor, and give them that extra caring hand, because Texans care for Texans.

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