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About Our In Home Care Services:

AmeriCare is the leading in home care service for the elderly and residents in need of lifestyle support. The in home care solutions we offer will significantly benefit the person in your life who needs help but desires the freedom of staying in their own home. These solutions are personalized, safe and cost-effective.


When physical health problems or memory loss make a senior’s day-to-day endeavors difficult, our certified caregivers offer protection and assistance. Our staff offers in-home care, respite care, companionship, and more so that those in need can continue living independently from the comfort of home.


Why Choose AmeriCare?

When you obtain our in home care services, our trained and certified staff members will create an individualized strategy to meet the living needs of our clients. AmeriCare understands the significance of receiving quality care for you or a loved one. The staff at AmeriCare will assist in enhancing the quality of life clients, even outside of their residential environment. We will accompany your loved one for travel and entertainment excursions to help them preserve a regimen that is lively, productive and enjoyable. In home care does not mean that your family member will have to stop doing what he or she loves. We treat all of our home care clients with respect and care so they can continue to enjoy a high quality of life while having all of their needs taken care of. We hold the belief that there is no place like home. That is why we promote a comfortable and remedial home environment.


All of our caregivers believe in sustaining the self-respect and reverence of our clients, through perseverance and empathy. Our caregivers undergo a detailed screening process before they are considered for employment. This process includes the use of criminal history reports, certification checks, one-on-one interviews, and more.



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Our caring team promotes wellbeing, healing and companionship for those that need it most. To get started, set up a consultation at an AmeriCare location near you. We have seven home care franchise offices located across three states. We offer in home and companion care services at locations in California, Georgia, and North Carolina.