Services Include:

Our caregivers can help your loved one finish that to-do list, whatever it may be. Have peace of mind in knowing you or your loved one can stay safer at home while we run those errands for you.

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Medication Pick-Up
  • Mail/Packaging Services
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Pay by the Hour
  • Same-Day/Next-Day Service Options

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running errands

We are living through an epidemic when running errands can be stressful. Someone may feel like running everyday errands can put their health in jeopardy. Our caregivers can help your loved one finish that to-do list, whatever it may be. We’ll deal with crowds or wait in traffic while you stay comfortable at home.

Grocery shopping:
Our CAREteam is happy to do your grocery shopping at your favorite grocery store or farmers market. We can help ensure you get the items you want and communicate directly with you on a replacement item should your first choice not be available. No surprise substitutions.

Medication pick-up:
You stay safe at home and we’ll pick-up your medications and any other necessities from the pharmacy. Should need a new medication filled, we’ll stand in line and wait for it to be filled. We are here to help.

Mail & package services:
We’ll package, drop-off, and/or pick-up. Does that birthday present need to be packaged and sent to a grandchild? Maybe a shirt needs to be returned. Of course, all those holiday greetings need to be sent or just the mail needs stamps and dropped in the mailbox. We’ve got you covered.

Dry cleaning & laundry:
Let us help pick up and drop off your laundry. We’ll work with your favorite dry cleaner to ensure all your laundry needs are satisfied.

Pay by the hour:
You’ll be charged a minimum of 1 hour and then prorated by the minute thereafter.

Same-day / next-day:
Our standard operations are to perform errand requests the next-day. Same-day requests can be met for an additional charge.


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