In-Home Senior Care Services

Senior Care is wonderful for those individuals who wish to be independent, but need aid in completing day-to-day tasks independently.

We understand that your loved one may have trouble keeping up with personal hygiene. Caregivers can assist in bathing, toileting, dressing, teeth brushing or any other personal hygiene assistance needed. A caregiver can provide a safe and comfortable environment and deliver assistance with the utmost discretion. Let a referred caregiver provide personalized, hands-on assistance with a large variety of daily activities.

All throughout Vacaville, CA and neighboring cities like Fairfield, Vallejo, Benicia, Napa, Davis, Dixon, and Winters, referred caregivers assist seniors and older adults with a variety of tasks to make sure they feel accomplished, safe, and independent regardless of their condition.

Take a look at some of the senior care services a caregiver can provide:

Bathing Assistance

Referred caregivers can provide bathing assistance including a sponge bath, full shower or standby assist shower needs. Caregivers can also help apply lotion as needed.

Lavatory Assistance

Referred caregivers can provide assistance to navigate to the toilet or bedside commode, using a urinal or bedpan, perineal care, and changing of incontinence pads/briefs.

Grooming Care

Shaving, oral care, nail care, hair washing and styling are all part of grooming care that referred caregivers can provide to adults in need.

Dressing Assistance

Many adults need assistance with dressing. Referred caregivers can help with clothing changes, removing/putting on shoes, and using compression wear.

Transferring and Repositioning

The services referred caregivers can provide but are not limited to, assisting while getting out of bed and helping to engage in light activity (such as sitting, standing, or walking) with or without the use of a Hoyer Lift.

Exercise & Recreation

Referred caregivers can assist on walks and range of motion exercises for joint function and flexibility.

Located in Vacaville, CA  –AmeriCare Home Care Agency refers caregivers to provide senior care services to adults of all ages throughout the cities of Vacaville, Fairfield, Vallejo, Benicia, Napa, DavisDixon, and Winters.

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